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We don't use passwords...

You'll probably forget it anyway, and when you do, you'll go looking for the 'forgotten password' link so we can send you an email and let you reset it. And then you'll probably just forget it again anyway. And if you don't, well you're probably using the same password on lots of sites and you just gave it to us. And we don't want the responsibility of keeping that safe for you. So let's just not bother with that password nonsense, and just jump straight to sending you a link that lets you login instead.

Privacy Policy

We will store your email address along with your selections so that you can login. We will store this only until the tournament starts, after which we will delete it and the login process will go away. We won't share it with anyone else, add you to any mailing lists, or anything else which GDPR would prefer we didn't do. We only take your email address during the signup stage to avoid a database mess.

Questions? Comments? Email me, Totally not officially endorsed by FIFA. Rules from an original idea by Rev. Stuart Campbell.